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What you need to develop a superb project

posted Jan 14, 2014, 9:14 PM by Maurice Nyamoti   [ updated Mar 25, 2014, 6:21 PM ]

What you need to develop a superb project

Don’t ever evaluate a computer project on how tough or easy it can be before you make attempts to pursue it. Failure is only available in our psychological part however optimists can argue that failure is a manmade syndrome of hopelessness. I like being optimistic when doing my daily cores simply because I believe that nothing is impossible and if indeed it’s impossible, that KCSE paper shouldn’t even have a marking scheme- ‘what for’

A good house is seen by its foundation and the strength of its pillars but before any of those factors are laid on the ground, civil engineers are hired to make a plan for the house and an architecture makes the drawing on a piece of paper. A good program should also be done with the same philosophy- It’s easier emulating the same other than making assumptions which are erratic. Therefore before pursuing a KCSE computer project, with the help of your subject teacher or any other person relevant, try to understand the needs of the project-you can also conduct interviews and make educational trips of the same.

KCSE projects takes 6-7 months of completion thus this is sufficient time to make a standard projects that can make you pass computer studies paper 3; however, most teachers and students wait until when it’s too late to attempt a try- unfortunately this is the ultimate time when students are preparing for other papers around the corner and the resultant is pressure and pressure then despair finally failure cripples in.


Timing is a core factor in any computer project and therefore as you plan the scope of your project put the following facts at back of your brain

1.       Your project should be complete by the end of second term

2.       Use the first two weeks of third term to test your project and finalize the documentation, print and handover on the third week.

3.       It’s almost to impossible to score 100% on a computer project however getting a strong A cannot be ruled out so as long as you dedicate your effort to this paper because it holds the secret keys to passing KCSE computer studies paper

4.       Do not rely a lot on advices from different people no matter their expert skills.   Rely on the advice of your computer teachers because they understand the marking process. Good programmers can help you make a complicated system but which doesn’t meet the criteria for the marking scheme- if you have problems aftermath, keep visiting this website.

Finally, Computer studies project should be made at your level of knowledge whence trying to make a complicated system may backfire on you it’s simple to keep the rules of the game and stick with the question paper. Trying to use complicated programming languages like visual basic and Delphi Pascal or java may not help much. In this project we use Microsoft Access Applications.

To be good in Project making, you should have a good back knowledge on the following fields:

1.       Program design and System Design –Form 3 topic

2.       Databases (MS Access)- Form 2 Topic

3.       Word Processors (MS Word) Form 2 topic- for documentation

4.       Graphic Software (Paint, Picture Manager) - to edit screen shots and other pictures to put in documentation.

After back knowledge of the above, you are now qualified to sit and make a computer project on your own; therefore you should have started by yesterday to familiarize on the same.

Maurice Nyamoti is a computer teacher and a website developer

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