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Last year, many students went to sleep earlier and were caught off-guard by the last minute rush. In this type of incident, you need to plan your calender so that by the beginning of third term on September, you have cleared everything. I said and I will still insist, computer practical papers holds the keys to better grades. They are the easiest papers and have more influence on the outcome of your grade. Spending more time in the computer lab to do constructive work is a good plan to initialize these better grades but this does not necessarily mean that you should drop or desist from reading the theory part. Balance but give practicals more time.


Adopt this timetable for the project and stick to it to the latter.
 Time Scope 2014

 Work to Pursue
 27th Mar - 15th Apr
 Understand the problem at hand and do some preliminary investigation/ feasibility study (problem recognition and definition).
 16th Apr- 5th May
 Information Gathering- Gather enough information to help you start pursuing your project. example: understanding the game of football through field trips, questionnaires and oratory interviews. Join our discussion group for answers. click here
 6th May- 6th June
 Requirement Specifications- From the information you have gathered, you can now go a head and define what you require to pursue this project. i.e. software requirements and hardware requirements
 7th June-7th July
 System Design- Drawing of flowcharts, precision tables designs, queries, forms and reports
 8th July- 8th August
 System Construction(Coding) Use Microsoft Access to start designing your system. Don't use any programming language if you are not certainly sure of what you are doing. As you Continue Coding, Start making the report. I will provide a template for making a report, and a prototype of the project MS Access,flow chart sample, More Instructions and advise on key areas to scoop marks and to get it you must be a member on my personal classroom website for computer studies click here to register as a member
 8th Aug- 8th Sept
 Finalize on Report Writing, System Implementation, System Review and Maintenance. Bind your report and handover to your teacher for marking. Both as Soft Copy and Hard Copy.
Note: Indicate by labeling the type of operating system used, application system and any other useful information relevant to the examiner. Make sure your work is correctly burnt on CD before proceeding to KNEC
Mine is just to guide you as a computer teacher but not to decide for you Keep off Cheating

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"Long-range goals keep you from being
frustrated by short-term failures."
- James Cash Penney