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Finally this project has arrived. The 2014 KCSE Project (code 451/3) is all about federation of football management systems. Football lovers like me will find this very interesting and passionate however there is sufficient time to do feasibility study and come up with something 'palatable' and smarter. As a student, you now need to plan yourself in readiness to pursue this project in the next 6 months from today 26th march 2014. And as a teacher you need to direct your students properly in order to achieve their expected goals. Without much of a fuss, let me warn you of cheating- Me and your teacher will only guide you through this task and at no one point we will be responsible to pursue your project. the consequences are dire to both parties whilst no one will be happy to see you and your friends getting those faulty Y grades- so please be careful.

About the Project

Instructions to the candidate





You can download the PDF copy below then click here for a few more tips to get started

Join this Project Discussion Group its free Click Here to get started but you need a Gmail email account