Computer Studies


Computer projects have never been easy neither are they available to lower your grades. These projects are as important as any other and after all, as a young computer student, these are the real life challenges you will have to face if you take computer as a career course. I hate to mention that a clique of people describe computer studies as a hardened subject- these are pessimists who don’t have computer studies at heart and therefore have no business in digital era.

As a young aspiring programmer, software guru, or system analyst, computer studies should not be a subject, rather a passion.

I will only advice you to keep your fingers on the go. This is not a course to visit once or twice a week; this is a technical course which needs you on the move or else “system.halt”

I am one of those people who like ‘tabbing’ I provide solution where I find events in a quagmire because it’s what I enjoy doing every second that counts and thus- by keeping me companionship on this website I will not call you a student-sorry!- rather a client.

I (Maurice) have been teaching and still am- instructing computer studies in over two decades. I therefore enjoy sharing my experience in teaching and computer expertise to those who are willing. In this website, feel free to share your ideas with the rest of Kenyan students and just in case you have burning questions, don’t hesitate to join my discussion group.

Now! To start learning about computer projects, I need you first to learn basics, tips and procedures before I integrate you into the real computer project.

Feel at home-‘Hommy’

Maurice Nyamoti is IT instructor and a web designer

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